“There is no decision more serious or impactful for our nation and the global community than authorizing the use of American military force. As the recent past reminds all of us, when making these decisions we must be exceedingly cautious because they hold the potential to entangle our nation in conflicts that can cost us dearly.

“Therefore, in the days ahead, as the Congressional resolution authorizing military action continues to take shape, I will be carefully weighing all sides of the debate. The use of chemical weapons on innocent civilians - including children - in Syria is abhorrent and must end. However, responding to these attacks must be subject to a careful deliberation that considers both the lessons from mistakes that were made in Iraq and previous conflicts, and the realization that we are facing a unique situation in Syria.

“One thing that I’m not willing to consider is committing US troops to fighting in Syria. Throughout the past decade, our military and their families have done everything we have asked of them and more, and putting ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria is something I join with the vast majority of Americans in opposing.

“Before taking this difficult vote I will continue to participate in briefings and conversations with colleagues on both sides of the aisle and with Administration officials. I am also eager to hear from Washington state families who have passionate and differing views on how we should proceed as a nation. I believe that having a thoughtful national conversation on such a consequential decision is the right path and something that we should never take for granted.”