Roads and Highways

Over the course of her career, Senator Murray has secured hundreds of millions of federal dollars for Washington State to improve its roads and highway systems. Keeping our roads and highways properly maintained is critical to enhancing safety, efficient movement of people and commerce, and expanding public transit service in urban and rural areas.

Senator Murray has consistently fought for increased funding for our nation’s highways. In fiscal year 2008, she pushed for an additional $630 million over the President’s request to improve road conditions and bring an additional 30,000 new jobs into the economy.

Murray is committed to improving highway safety, boosting funding for educational programs and campaigns- to increase seat-belt use and reduce drunk driving. Murray has received the “Congressional Difference Maker Award” from Mothers Against Drunk Driving and the “Highway Safety Leader Award” from Advocates For Highway and Auto Safety.

She has worked to ensure that foreign trucks entering our country meet strict safety standards, including requiring that foreign drivers know driving laws and operate safe vehicles.

Washington State is a global gateway, providing access to foreign markets around the world. With one in every three jobs in the state dependent on international trade, ensuring that freight moves quickly and efficiently through our ports is critical to Washington State’s economy. At the federal level Senator Murray is working to increase investment in the nation’s trade corridors, including road and railroad improvements.

Reducing congestion in Washington State is a top priority for Senator Murray and she has worked to secure funding for hundreds of state projects to allow for more efficient movement on our roads and highways.