Senator Murray believes that after a lifetime of hard work, people deserve the opportunity to enjoy their golden years with dignity and financial independence. She will always fight to make sure our country is living up to the promise of Social Security and Medicare and will protect those important lifelines and work to responsibly expand these critical programs for seniors and families who need it most. Senator Murray knows that seniors make up an important part of our nation’s middle class, and she will continue to make sure more seniors in Washington state and across the country have access to a secure retirement. 

To ensure more Americans can live healthy, financially secure lives in retirement, Senator Murray has worked to:

  • Protect Social Security from drastic cuts and has sponsored legislation to enhance benefits for divorced spouses, widows, and widowers and extend benefit eligibility for children of retired, disabled, or deceased workers, or people with disabilities.
  • Make sure pensions are there for workers when they retire.
  • Cut prescription drug costs and advocated for wellness and preventive services that not only help seniors live healthier lives, but also lower the cost of Medicare.

Senator Murray wants to expand economic security and stability to seniors across the country by:

  • Making sure seniors have access to the health care they need and reauthorizing the Older Americans Act to support seniors in leading healthy, fulfilling lives.
  • Including important spousal protections in defined contribution plans.
  • Expanding access to retirement coverage so more Americans, particularly women, have greater financial security after their working years.