Share Your Story About the Government Shutdown

Share Your Story: Government Shutdown

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President Trump is refusing to reopen the federal government until he gets U.S. taxpayer money for his wasteful border wall. That means hundreds of thousands of American workers are not being paid for their work right now. Millions more are affected by the fact the federal government can’t carry out basic functions.

The Trump Shutdown is reckless and wrong, and President Trump and Senate Republican leaders need to know how this shutdown affects everyday families.

I recently shared a few letters on the Senate floor from air traffic controllers from Washington state who shared with me just how stressful it is to work without pay, while trying to stay up on their mortgages, their child care bills, and more. I’ve been hearing so many stories like this, and sadly, I know there are many others out there with a similar story of how the Trump Shutdown has affected their livelihood. That’s why I’m asking you to share your stories. How has the Trump Shutdown affected you, or someone you love?

I’m going to keep sharing your stories and urging my colleagues to work with me to reopen the federal government, and to stop playing politics with people’s lives.