Our government’s tax system should foster entrepreneurship, capital investment, job growth, and overall economic expansion.  And I will continue to fight to ensure our tax policies encourage investment in important priorities like renewable energy, infrastructure, education, and national security, while also promoting economic growth and business development.

  • When Washington state taxpayers file their federal income taxes each year, they are at a disadvantage because there is no state income tax to deduct from their federal returns.  I have fought year after year to give Washington residents parity by enabling them to deduct the state sales tax on their federal income tax returns, and I will continue to fight to make the state and local sales tax deduction permanent.  In 2008, I was proud to help push through legislation that extended the sales tax deduction provision through 2010.

  • I will continue to fight for tax reform that benefits the middle class, encourages energy efficiency, and helps promote economic development and the expansion of business opportunities.