Technology in the Classroom: A Virtual Conversation

Technology is an essential part of young people's lives. They play games online, interact with their friends on their smartphones, and create all kinds of digital content from their computers. But for too many of them, the one time during the day when they are disconnected from technology is during the school day.

Senator Murray has been working hard to make sure that schools have the resources they need to use technology effectively in their classroom. But she wanted to hear from students first-hand what they thought about this.

So she recently sat down for some great conversations over internet videoconferencing with students from Seattle, Spokane, and Southwest Washington from her office in D.C.

Senator Murray asked them questions, listened to what they had to say, and told them a little bit about the ATTAIN Act, which would help schools like theirs get the resources and support to integrate technology into learning.

Students are clearly very excited about using technology to learn—and Senator Murray wants to help make sure schools can make that happen.