News Releases

"I’m pleased, and so relieved, to welcome Doug Jones to the Senate—where I believe he’ll have so much to contribute as we fight to grow the economy and increase opportunities for workers and middle class families across the country.

"Tonight, people across Alabama stood up and loudly rejected one of the most troubling and unfit candidates for Senate that I can recall—and they just as loudly rejected efforts by President Trump and Republicans to put this person in office in spite of not only his deeply harmful and backwards beliefs, but the many women who have come forward with horrifying stories about how he assaulted them as children and teenagers.

"I hope tonight's results are a moment of reflection for Republicans. A man who wasn’t allowed in a shopping mall because he was harassing young girls should not have even come close to representing families on the Senate floor. It’s well past time for Republicans to start listening to women across the country and consider who they are standing with and who they are willing to support in the name of partisan politics and power.

"And finally, I am hoping that Republican leaders accept the will of the people of Alabama and halt their attempt to jam through massive tax cuts for the rich until Senator-elect Jones is seated."