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Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray stood with aerospace workers in Everett to support Boeing’s bid for a contract to build the next generation of aerial refueling tankers for the U.S. Air Force. Boeing submitted their contract bid just one week after the World Trade Organization released findings that Airbus has received illegal subsidies from European governments, giving them an unfair advantage in the tanker competition and undercutting American Workers. Other elected officials attending the rally included Representative Norm Dicks, Representative Rick Larsen, Representative Jim McDermott, Representative Jay Inslee.

Senator Murray’s remarks at the rally today:

“Wow!! By the looks of this crowd – it’s clear we are ready to deliver a big win for the state of Washington!!

“Thanks Tom [Tom Wroblewski IAM District 751 President] for that kind introduction.

“I want to first thank all of the elected officials, local business leaders, and Boeing officials with us today. 

“By standing together today and by speaking with one voice we are reminding everyone just how important it is to bring this contract home,  here to Everett, here to your backyard, here to Main Street, Washington state to help create jobs and continue to rebuild our economy. 

“But most importantly today, I want to thank each and every worker who is taking time out of their busy day to: Fight for this contract, For their jobs,  And for the jobs of their neighbors in their communities.

“I know that you’ve been through some tough times recently.

“I was right here in Everett a little over two years ago when the Pentagon announced that they would be sending the contract to build the next generation of tankers overseas.

“I stood on the line that day shaking hands with workers who had just been told that their help wasn’t needed  -  And I told them each that I would be doing everything I could to make this right.

“Well after a long, hard battle today is the day we’ve been waiting for.

“Today, the world’s best aerospace workers get the chance to begin to prove to the Pentagon and anyone else who may have forgotten - just who it is that builds the best planes in the world.

“Today, you get the chance to remind them that you are:

“The most skilled, most innovative, and best trained Aerospace workers in the world. 

 “You get to remind them - that you’ve delivered for our men and women in uniform - and you’re ready to do it again.

“You get to remind them that you are the backbone of not only our industrial base but of our national defense.

“That your work fuels: Our transportation future,  our economic recovery,  and the growth of our communities. 

“And that on a level playing field NO ONE and I mean NO ONE is going to beat you out for this contract!!

“But of course, the key to making sure you get to deliver for our military - is making sure you get a fair shot.

“And the truth is, for too long, you’ve been fighting an uphill battle.

“For too long you’ve had to compete not only against rival workers and companies, you’ve had to also compete against the treasuries of European governments.

“So today I want to be very clear - The illegal subsidies Airbus receives have hurt workers in this room – they need to end – and I won’t stop fighting to ensure they are considered in this contract.

“That’s why last week when the WTO came out with their final ruling that European governments have provided Airbus more than 15 billion euros in launch aid to Airbus – I joined with many of those on the stage today to condemn these trade-distorting subsidies and to call on Secretary Gates to include them in the consideration of this competition.

“The truth is, it’s time to end this charade.

“It’s time to stop bending over backwards to change the rules for a company that refuse to play by them.

“And it’s time to give you all the fair shot you deserve!!

“You know, I grew up not far from here in Bothell.

“And I know that the work that happens on the floor here in Everett ripples into communities all throughout our state.

“I know that when the aerospace business is booming, so is our state.

“And I know that it’s the workers here who make all of that happen.

“That is why I’m so pleased to be with you to take this first step toward building America’s tanker here in Washington state.

“I know you’re ready!!

“I know you’re fired up!!

“I know that you are going to come through for: Our men and women in uniform , our taxpayers, and our economy.

“Let’s show everyone that when it comes to building the planes of tomorrow - Washington state and the workers in this room - always have and always will deliver.

“Thank you all!!

“And now I’d like to introduce my partner in the House in working for you.

“Someone who knows how hard you work each day and who works just as hard to make sure your needs are met.

“Congressman Norm Dicks….”