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“Allowing a woman’s boss to call the shots about her access to birth control should be inconceivable to all Americans in this day and age.  But what’s at stake in this case is whether a CEO’s personal beliefs can trump a woman’s right to access free contraception under the Affordable Care Act.

“In weighing this case my hope is that the court realizes that women working for private companies should be afforded the same access to medical care, regardless of who signs their paycheck. We can’t allow legal precedent to dictate that the personal beliefs of those in positions of power can block those who aren’t from making their own health care decisions. That is a slippery slope that could lead to bosses dictating everything from an employee’s ability to access HIV treatment to their ability to vaccinate their children. I will continue to work to make clear what a momentous and impactful decision this will be in the days and months ahead.”