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In newly-passed package of spending bills, Senator Murray successfully secures $315 million in additional funding for continued nuclear waste cleanup at Hanford, increased investments in popular VA Caregivers program, and other critical WA & national priorities 

Spending bills clear a new hurdle after a 86-to-5 vote in the Senate

Legislation also includes provisions to support WA ports

Senator Murray: Pledges to keep critical WA issues like Hanford cleanup & other shared challenges impacting families in WA “front and center on Congress’ agenda”

(Washington, D.C.)  – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) applauded the passage of legislation to invest in critical Washington state priorities and vital programs to support families, veterans, military bases, and scientific research in Washington state and across the nation. Rejecting President Trump’s reckless budget proposal that would have cut investments from important federal obligations like nuclear waste cleanup at Hanford, the legislation provides $315 million in additional federal funding to support Hanford cleanup efforts. Additionally, the legislation includes an increase of $365 million from President Trump’s budget proposal in new federal spending for VA’s popular Caregivers program for veterans, a program Senator Murray has long championed and recently fought to successfully expand to include post-9/11 era veterans. The spending package passed the Senate 86 to 5.

“Once again, I’m proud that Democrats and Republicans have come together to reject President Trump’s senseless budget cuts and instead craft a budget that honors the sacrifices of central Washington families and helps address some of the most critical needs faced by people in communities across the country,” said Senator Murray after the bill’s passage. “We can’t let our government forget its moral obligations to its people and our communities, from Hanford cleanup to taking care of our veterans and so much more, and as a voice for Washington state, I will continue fighting to strengthen investments in these important efforts and keep these priorities front and center on Congress’ agenda.”

Senator Murray, a senior member of the Senate Appropriations Committee, previously worked to secure these investments during the bill writing process, leading efforts to help pass legislation out of the Appropriations Committee last month that includes continued funding for Hanford cleanup and improvements to the VA’s Caregiver program to make it more accessible to veterans of all eras, in addition to investments in other Washington state priorities including increased funding for scientific research and development, and investments to help repair and maintain Washington waterways and military bases.

More highlights of the legislation, including Washington state-specific investments, included below:

  • $2.411 billion for nuclear waste cleanup at Hanford
    • $838.171 million for Richland Operations, $180 million more than the President’s budget proposal
    • $1.573 billion for Office of River Protection, $135 million more than President’s budget proposal
  • $20 million for the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, supports operation, maintenance, and cleanup activities at the Hanford and Los Alamos, New Mexico sites
  • $6.65 billion for Department of Energy’s Office of Science, supports 10 national laboratories, including PNNL ($1.259 billion more than the President’s budget proposal)
    • $715 million for Biological and Environmental Research, supports the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory and Atmospheric Radiation Measurement User Facility at PNNL. These scientific user facilities provide access to unique, state of the art equipment for more than 1,800 users annually.
    • $35 million for the Energy Sciences Capability, supports a construction project at PNNL to provide modern lab space and equipment
  • $260 million for Department of Energy’s Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response, supports research and development at PNNL, Washington State University (WSU), utilities, and industry in the Northwest
  • $2.322 billion for Department of Energy’s Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, ($1.626 billion more than the President’s budget proposal); supports research and development efforts at PNNL, WSU, University of Washington, and more
  • $6.927 billion for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ($2.142 billion more than the President’s budget proposal)
    • $50 million to support small ports, including the Ports of Bellingham, Ilwaco, Chinook, Ridgefield, Skagit, Willapa Harbor, and more
    • $50 million to support donor and energy transfer ports, including the Northwest Seaport Alliance
    • $6 million to help combat invasive species in the Columbia River Basin through watercraft inspection stations, rapid response, and monitoring
  • $3 million for the VA’s child care pilot program
  • $17 million for the VA’s Intimate Partner Violence Program to help provide holistic services and support for veterans experiencing domestic and intimate partner violence
  • Increased investments in military bases around Washington state, including, but not limited to:       
    • $89 million for pier maintenance at Naval Base Kitsap
    • $19 million for Fleet Support Facility at Whidbey Island
    • $8 million for Whidbey Island Next Generation Jammer Facility
    • $26 million for Refueling Facility at Joint Base Lewis McChord