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Murray Decries Republican Filibuster of Effort to Ease Tax Reporting Requirements on Washington Small Businesses

Sep 14 2010

Senator Murray votes to reduce burden of paperwork in tax reporting provision, Republicans put oil and gas companies before the needs of small business owners

(Washington D.C.) - Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray criticized Republicans’ decision to block a critical amendment to ease onerous tax reporting requirements on Washington state small businesses.  Senator Murray voted for the amendment, sponsored by Senator Bill Nelson (D-FL), which would have significantly reduced paperwork and labor for small businesses owners by easing tax reporting requirements for major purchases. Republicans blocked the bill because it was paid for by closing tax loopholes for oil and gas companies.  The bill failed to get the required 60 votes by a vote of 56-42.

“This was a true colors vote,” said Senator Murray. “Republicans showed that despite all their rhetoric they still put big oil before small business. At a time when we need to focus on creating Main Street jobs and helping consumers, I think we can all agree that oil and gas companies that are reaping record profits aren’t the ones we should be fighting to protect. I will continue to work to find a way to ensure these burdensome reporting requirements are eased and will keep fighting for small businesses to get the tools they need to grow and expand.”

Senator Murray has been clear that she is committed to reducing the burden of a new 1099 reporting provision for small businesses before it is enacted in 2012. The provision Murray is working to change requires small businesses to do additional paperwork and report additional information to the IRS when they purchase goods valued at over $600.

While the purpose of the provision is to ensure tax fairness for all businesses, the provision has been shown to be particularly burdensome for small business owners. For that reason, Senator Murray was among a small group of her colleagues who in July proactively called on the IRS to reduce the paperwork and other requirements the new provision imposed on small businesses. It’s also why she voted today to significantly reduce the reporting requirements.