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(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.), who last week questioned Treasury Secretary Geithner about specific plans to limit corporate abuses by companies receiving federal aid, today reiterated her anger at the excessive bonuses being doled out to AIG senior executives.

“The use of taxpayer-funded rescue dollars to give lavish bonuses to the very senior executives who took advantage of millions of Americans and contributed to our current economic crisis is simply indefensible.

“AIG says they are contractually obligated to pay out these windfalls, but they are morally obligated to assure the American public that these dollars are not being spent to reward bad actors.

“I support President Obama’s call to pursue every legal avenue to right this wrong and I will continue to demand oversight and accountability in the use of taxpayer dollars.”

Last week, prior to the latest news about AIG, Senator Murray shared her anger over executive bonuses with Secretary Geithner at a Senate Budget Committee hearing – Details.  

Listen to Murray press Secretary Geithner on CEO bonuses and lavish travel.