News Releases

“I am glad to see bipartisan support for a trade and worker protection bill that gives President Obama the authority to negotiate agreements that are good for Washington state, create jobs, and help American businesses sell their goods overseas.

“This bill lays out a framework for future trade agreements, and now it's up to President Obama to negotiate the best deals possible. When trade agreements come back to Congress for review, I will be evaluating them based on the impact they would have on jobs and economic growth in Washington state and across the country.

"Increasing exports and negotiating good trade deals are critical to supporting a strong economy here at home, but there is a whole lot more we need to do to make sure our economy is growing from the middle out, not the top down. So I will continue fighting for policies that help workers and the middle class, like raising the minimum wage, expanding access to paid sick leave to all workers, and making sure women earn equal pay for equal work."