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Murray Cosponsors Resolution Designating April 2011 as “Financial Literacy Month”

Apr 01 2011

Murray will reintroduce her Financial and Economic Literacy Improvement Act later in the month

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, the Senate resolution designating April 2011 as “Financial Literacy Month,” cosponsored by U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), has been introduced and is expected to pass the Senate by unanimous consent.

“As we continue working to create jobs and get our economy back on track, we need to make sure that Americans have the tools they need to manage their finances responsibly,” said Senator Patty Murray. “I am proud to cosponsor this legislation designating April as ‘Financial Literacy Month.’ And I look forward to reintroducing my financial literacy bill that would make sure the federal government steps up to the plate and becomes a true partner in helping Americans gain the skills they need to understand the fine print and avoid mounting debt.”

Senator Murray plans to introduce her legislation, the Financial and Economic Literacy Improvement Act of 2011, in mid-April. This legislation will enhance the teaching of economic and personal finance principals across disciplines in K-12 education, and make practical financial and economic courses more widely available to adults of any age through our higher education system.