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OLYMPIC PENINSULA: Murray Announces $8 Million in Job-Creating Defense Contracts for Peninsula Communities in the FY08 Defense Appropriations Bill

Sep 12 2007

Senator Murray included $50 million in funding for Washington state companies to keep the U.S. military at the cutting edge of technology

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) today announced that she has included $50 million in federal defense work for Washington state companies in the Fiscal Year 2008 Defense Appropriations bill.  Murray, who serves on the Senate Defense Appropriations Sub-Committee, helped pass the bill out of the full Senate Appropriations Committee today.  The bill will next move to the Senate floor. 

"This funding will allow Washington state companies to provide our men and women in the military with the best equipment available," Murray stated.  "We need to do everything we can to help bring our soldiers home safely, and investing in these technologies is a critical step forward.  Washington state companies are at the forefront of research and development and they will continue to provide our military with the state of the art equipment they need."

Projects Funded in Bremerton, Port Orchard and Port Townsend

Intelligraf Data Distribution Training & Maintenance Integration
Dimension 4, Bremerton
$6 million

The Naval Undersea Warfare Center in Keyport, WA will use this enhancement to increase readiness by shortening the time needed for shipboard maintenance.  This program improves shipboard maintenance and training by updating technical documentation repositories with a graphical interface and intelligent graphics that allow sailors to quickly troubleshoot problems and access information for mission-critical applications.  This program will update the Navy’s Data Assembly Inference Engine used by sailors to retrieve ship configuration data and tailor maintenance tasks to specific crewmembers.  This program will support 80-90 employees, a third of which will be new hires in Washington State for Dimension4, Inc.    

CB 90 Riverine Command Boat
SAFE Boats International, Port Orchard
$6 million

The CB 90 Riverine Command Boat is a fast boat that will operate in areas near shore and along inland waterways as part of the Navy’s newly-formed Riverine Force.  The CB 90 Riverine Command Boat is a proven platform that supports several configurations and can carry a variety of weapons.  The armor-protected CB 90 can also deploy troops or remove injured personnel from combat zones.  This funding for two CB 90 boats will enhance the Navy’s “brown water” capability and support more than 20 new jobs in Washington State.  

Shipboard Visitor Control Center
Mobilisa, Port Townsend
$2 million

This project will increase security for Naval vessels at port.  It uses a state-of-the-art access control system that can read drivers licenses, passports, and military ID cards for visitors on docked Naval ships. This electronic system will be able to validate ID credentials, check for fake IDs, and screen visitors against selected watch lists.  Further research and development will create web-based entry authorization lists and a graphical representation for quickly checking how many sailors are ashore and visitors are aboard the ship.