News Releases

“Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, the first woman nominated to the Supreme Court, served honorably for 24 years. She was a pioneer in the field of law and justice and is an inspiration to women that aspire to lives in public service. Justice O’Connor had a great affect on history, and her decisions will shape the lives of the American people for generations to come. I applaud her dedication, independence and her fairness, and thank her for giving so much of herself to our country. We live in a better America due to her 24 years of service on the court.

I take seriously the constitutional role of the Senate to provide advice and consent on Supreme Court nominees, and look forward to the start of that process. The judges who serve lifetime appointments on the Supreme Court affect the lives and liberties of every American.

In the coming months, as the nomination and confirmation process moves forward, I will work to ensure that the President’s nominee to fill this position will be fair and impartial, even-handed in administering justice, and will protect the rights and liberties of all Americans.”