News Releases

“Judge Sonia Sotomayor is an unquestionably qualified Supreme Court choice and an unparalleled example of the true spirit and determination of the American dream.  With her nomination, President Obama has responded to America’s need for a Court that is rich in service and experience and one that better reflects the people whose Constitution it is charged with upholding. 

“Judge Sotomayor has been nominated to judicial positions by Presidents of both political parties because of her record of fairness, moderation and independence.  And she has proven that she can apply sophisticated legal doctrines to common sense, every-day application of the law. 

“The American people deserve a Supreme Court whose members understand that equal justice under the law means something powerful to every American, regardless of background or political persuasion.

“I will evaluate Judge Sotomayor’s nomination based on the same standards I use for all judicial appointments.   Is she ethical, honest and qualified?  Will she be evenhanded, fair, and independent; and will she uphold our rights and liberties?  I want to know that when an individual comes before the Court, that he or she will receive a fair hearing and that justice will be rendered according to the law.

“I look forward to a swift, reasoned and respectful discussion of her qualifications, experience, and expertise.