News Releases

(Washington D.C.) – U.S. Senator Patty Murray released the following statement today after the Department of Veterans Affairs’ (VA) Inspector General's office released a report detailing widespread false reporting in wait times for VA health care appointments. 

"The Inspector General's report on the VA's failure to provide an accurate account of how long our veterans are waiting for care is a frustrating reminder of the agency's need for honesty and leadership. Whether the VA's numbers were intentionally skewed or incompetently reported, the result is the same – our veterans pay the price.

"No matter how they feel about the war, America supports our veterans and they are ready to do whatever it takes to get them care. But without an honest assessment of their needs, we can't provide that support. 

"If the VA had been frank about waiting times and backlogs, we would have been able to invest in busy facilities and allocate resources properly. If we were getting accurate information and not being served a political line, we could serve our veterans. 

"It is past time for the VA to put an end to the pattern of dishonesty that has plagued them. From exaggerated reports of past successes, to failures to present real funding needs, to poor conditions at facilities – the VA is not coming clean with the American people. And every time the VA tries to save political face it ends up costing our veterans.

"It is also past time for this Administration to make good by our veterans by naming a true advocate as the next VA Secretary, not an apologist for this Administration's failures. Our veterans can't wait any longer for this change of course they desperately deserve."