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(Washington, DC) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) announced that she has secured more than $153 million for transportation, housing, and economic development projects in Washington state. The announcement came after members of both the Senate and House of Representatives approved a Conference Report on the Transportation, Housing, and Urban Development (THUD) Appropriations bill. The THUD bill funds road, highway, pipeline, railway, housing and community development projects throughout the country. As Chair of the Senate THUD Appropriations Subcommittee, Murray led negotiations in the Conference Committee and fought for Washington state's transportation priorities.

"As we all know, Washington state has serious transportation challenges that we must all work together to address," said Senator Murray. "At a time when the federal budget is tight, this bill funds community-supported projects that will keep traffic moving, cut down on commutes, build our mass transit systems and promote economic development in our communities."

"Unfortunately, President Bush believes taxpayer dollars are better spent in the Middle East than in the Pacific Northwest. So, as he requests another $196 billion for the War in Iraq, he is threatening to veto this critical domestic spending bill because it exceeds his funding request by $3.1 billion. If we can spend $10 billion a month for the war in Iraq, we should be willing to spend a fraction of that to ensure the transportation and housing needs of our citizens here at home are met."

The critical transportation, housing and community development projects included in the bill are listed by region below:


Sound Transit, Link Light Rail -- $70 million
Sound Transit is constructing an initial 14-mile light rail system from downtown Seattle to Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Senator Murray has previously secured $310 million for this project.

Sound Transit, University Link -- $20 million
University Link will extend light rail from downtown Seattle north to the University of Washington. This corridor is the most densely developed residential and employment area in the central Puget Sound region and state. University Link received the highest rating from the Federal Transit Administration in the “Annual New Starts Report for FY 2007.” This funding will support Sound Transit’s efforts to complete final design and continue with property acquisitions.

Highpoint Neighborhood Center Construction -- $600,000
The Seattle Housing Authority is nearing completion of a redevelopment of the former public housing community at High Point, which has one of the highest concentrations of poverty in Seattle.  The High Point Neighborhood Center will provide a variety of programs such as Head Start, employment training, youth tutoring, adult education, and other programs to assist low-income individuals and families.  The funding secured by Senator Murray will be used to replace existing facilities with a new center.

El Centro de la Raza, Facility Improvements -- $300,000
Funding secured by Senator Murray will help El Centro de la Raza complete their capital campaign to update their century-old building.  Specifically, funding will assist with the cost of replacing the facility’s roof, which is in dire need of replacement.  El Centro de la Raza offers a range of services that include child care and development, after school programs, homeless assistance, first-time homeownership workshops and counseling, English-as-a-Second Language classes, and senior wellness and meal programs, among others. 

Coal Creek Parkway Expansion, Newcastle -- $700,000
This project will widen Coal Creek Parkway from two to four travel lanes and will include sidewalks, bike lanes, curbs, gutters, and drainage facilities.  This project will also include the replacing of the existing two-lane May Creek Bridge with a new, four-lane one.  Coal Creek Parkway is the only north and south roadway alternative to I-405 between the cities of Bellevue and Renton, which makes it a vital regional corridor.

Asian Counseling and Referral Service, New Building Construction -- $500,000
The Asian Counseling and Referral Service (ACRS) provides a variety of services for the Asian Pacific American community in the Seattle-area, including: mental health and substance abuse treatment, domestic violence intervention, job training, naturalization assistance, food bank and nutrition programs, elderly care, and a legal clinic.  Serving 18,000 clients a year in more than 30 languages, the ACRS has been recognized as a national leader in providing services to low-income Asian Pacific Americans.  The funding secured by Senator Murray will support this effort and enable the ACRS to provide greater access to these critical services. 

Hiawatha Village Low Income Housing Development, Seattle -- $750,000
This funding will help complete the construction of Hiawatha Village, which is a unique and innovative structure that seeks to maintain affordability in a low-income Seattle neighborhood.  The 102-unit condominium development will sell 52 of its units to low-income, first-time homebuyers, and some of the units will only be available for re-sale to other low-income families.  This project will promote property investment and provide low- and moderate-income families with affordable and quality units.  This funding will complete the project.

Vashon Island Passenger Ferry, King County -- $420,000
The Vashon Island Passenger Only Ferry is the only direct mode of transportation between Vashon Island and downtown Seattle.  The ferry is crucial for the residents of Vashon Island, and allows the retailers and businesses located there to be economically successful.  This funding will allow for increased accessibility between Vashon and Seattle, reduce commute times, and encourage commuters to use public transportation.

Rainier Vista Boys & Girls Club -- $500,000
The Boys and Girls Clubs of King County needs to replace the current Rainier Vista facility, which is being demolished as part of the redevelopment of the former Rainier Vista public housing project.  This funding will assist the Boys and Girls Club in building a new, expanded facility that will allow for expanded programming and services. 

Nisei Veterans Memorial Hall Renovations -- $250,000
The funding provided will complete the Nisei Veterans Committee renovation project at its Memorial Hall in Seattle.  It will allow for expanded educational activities about the internment and military service of Japanese Americans during WWII.  In addition, it will enable the Nisei Veterans Committee to restart its low-income seniors’ lunch program.

Passage Point Transitional Housing Construction, King County -- $500,000
This project is a partnership between King County and the YWCA, which is redeveloping the Passage Point property into a 70-unit transitional housing project.  The housing will be aimed at stabilizing families where a parent is coming out of prison and seeking to re-unite with their children, with the goals of reducing homelessness and recidivism.  The campus-like setting will also provide treatment and counseling, and will serve to foster healthy parent-child relationships.  This funding will complete the construction and the project.

South Lake Union Streetcar Project Capital Improvements -- $805,000
This project will help complete the City of Seattle’s South Lake Union revitalization plan by building a streetcar line connecting Westlake Center to the South Lake Union neighborhood. The Streetcar will increase access to the new waterfront park, is vital for attracting job development, and will help to improve and upgrade the Mercer Street corridor and essential utilities.

Auburn A-B Street NW Corridor Connector -- $1.26 million
This project will link three grade separated arterials between Auburn Station and S. 277th Street. The project is part of a comprehensive downtown revitalization plan for Auburn’s downtown core. The funding secured by Senator Murray will complete the final phase of the project and fund construction from 10th Street to 14th Street.

Des Moines Creek Trail Access Project -- $500,000
This funding will support efforts by the City of Des Moines to increase public access between the Des Moines Beach Park National Historic District, Des Moines Marina, and Des Moines Business District. This connection will support expanded recreational, cultural and historic tourism activities. The Des Moines Creek Trail is part of the larger Puget Sound regional trail system.

Advanced Materials in Transport Aircraft Structures – $700,000
This mark doubles the annual funding the center has been operating on for the last three years.  The AMTAS center at the University of Washington is an FAA Center of Excellence where extensive research and testing and training is conducted on composite materials.  This program has contributed significantly to the 787 effort.

Spiroid Winglet Fuel Efficiency Research -- $2.1 million
The funding will go toward the spiroid research project that would explore next generation winglet designs and technologies to enhance wing lift and stability and generate increased aircraft fuel efficiency.  Given the current impact of fuel prices on airline cost drivers and concerns about aircraft engine emissions, any improvement in aircraft fuel efficiency through next generation winglet technologies translates into decreased pollution, increased aircraft efficiency and performance, and reduced airline fuel costs.

Pacific Highway South Bus Rapid Transit-- $14.076 million
This funding would go toward the Pacific Highway South RapidRide project which runs from Sound Transit's Light Rail Station at 154th Street (north of SeaTac Airport) to the Federal Way Transit Center (near SeaTac Mall), a distance of 10.35 miles. The funding will increase efficient bus service to a rapidly growing area of King County.

Washington State Ferries -- $5 million
This funding will go toward Washington state ferries and is from the federal Ferry Boats and Ferry Terminal Facilities Program.


Tacoma Lincoln Avenue Separation  -- $1.050 million
Senator Murray included $1.05 million for the project which will eliminate Lincoln Avenue truck and rail congestion by raising Lincoln Avenue over key railroad tracks used for rail operations within the Port area. This corridor is critical to the operations of the Port of Tacoma, as it represents 1 of 2 entrances to the Port from I-5. Currently, lengthy delays are being experienced at the corridor by both trucks and trains. These delays have become a major source of concern for the Port’s customers.

Tacoma Rail Mountain Division Track Upgrades -- $770,000
This project is necessary to meet an expanding freight business need which exists on the 131-mile Mountain Division Rail Line.  The funding will be used for both track upgrades and signal improvements.  Tacoma Rail not only serves a variety of commercial businesses, but also serves as a back up to Fort Lewis Army Base and McChord Air Force Base.

Port of Tacoma Interchange Improvement -- $1 million
The Port of Tacoma Interchange Improvement project will provide road and interchange improvements at the intersection of Interstate 5, Pacific Highway East, and Port of Tacoma Road.  Funding will be used for enhancement work that will enable improved access and alleviate existing congestion for trucks traveling to and from the Port of Tacoma. 

YMCA of Tacoma Pierce County for Facility Improvements -- $250,000
The YMCA of Tacoma-Pierce County serves more than 51,000 people throughout the region every year.  The funding provided by Senator Murray will assist with the construction of a new YMCA facility in Gig Harbor north of Highway 16. 

Mobile Object Technology (Topia Ventures in Tacoma) -- $2.1 million
The funding secured by Senator Murray will help further a pilot project that illustrates how Topia Mobile Object technology, Kolona, operates in complex network environments like the National Air Space System (NAS) and System Wide Information Management (SWIM). Kolona enables different aviation systems to interact effectively to avoid a system failure or any delay of the information available to pilots and air traffic controllers. Senator Murray has previously secured $7.75 million for this project.

Pierce Transit Peninsula Park and Ride -- $1.050 million
This funding will support efforts by Pierce Transit to develop a new Park and Ride facility in Gig Harbor. The Peninsula Park and Ride is being designed to support the increased transit and vanpool ridership expected with the opening of the new Tacoma Narrows Bridge.

University Place Intermodal Transit Facility -- $750,000
This funding will go toward building a new regional transit facility that will relieve congestion, improve freight mobility, and enhance interconnectivity between University Place, Lakewood, downtown Tacoma, Tacoma Community College, and a future light rail station. The Intermodal Transit Facility is a key component of the City of University Place’s “Uptown Center”, a mixed-use development that will include retail, office, housing, and public space. The transit facility will allow the development to be transit friendly. Funding will go toward construction of a new parking garage.

Salishan HOPE VI Redevelopment Project -- $1.5 million
This funding will go toward Salishan HOPE VI project - the Tacoma Housing Authority's largest public housing development. The development is currently undergoing a large scale revitalization.  Senator Murray has helped to provide significant funding for this project in previous years.


Bellingham Marine Trades Center -- 250,000
These funds will aid the community's efforts to transform a 5 acre tissue warehouse on the Bellingham waterfront into a center that will support the marine trades. The Center will support many existing small businesses that are water-dependent as well as provide job and businesses growth for the community.  There are more than 100 firms in the marine trade and fisheries in Whatcom County and boat building and repair is identified as a Washington state priority for job creation and workforce training assistance.


Hanford Reach Interpretive Center (The Reach) -- $700,000
The Hanford Reach Interpretive Center will provide a focal point to showcase the area's rich environment and history.  The Reach will act as a gateway to the Hanford Reach National Monument. The bill includes $700,000 for the project that will be used for Phase I construction.  Funds will be used for transportation infrastructure at the site as well as restoration and trail work.

Port of Pasco --  $900,000
This funding for the Port of Pasco will be used for the Big Pasco Industrial Center Intermodal Rail Hub Development Project.  The loss of barge service in Portland has forced the Port of Pasco to transform its freight center away from barge service and expand their rail and truck infrastructure.  This project will install 3,400 feet of new rail and rehabilitate 18,500 feet of existing rail to handle the current and expected volumes of intermodal and mixed-source freight coming to the Port of Pasco.  This funding will complete Phase 4 of the project. 

Benton Franklin Transit (BFT):  $700,000
Senator Murray has included $700,000 for the BFT Vehicle Fleet Expansion and Modernization Project.  Many of the vehicles in the current fleet at BFT have gone beyond their FTA-rated life and are adding operating costs due to increased maintenance needs.  Safety concerns are also starting to arise with some of the vehicles.  BFT is the sole provider of public transportation in the Tri-Cities and mid-Columbia region and has experienced ridership growth of 10 percent since 2006.


Grays Harbor Transit Vehicle Replacement -- $105,000
Funding for the Grays Harbor Transit Vehicle Replacement project will enable the replacement of 2 aged minibuses.  This project will help Grays Harbor Transit to continue providing general public service seven days a week with service to local small cities and rural areas.  Grays Harbor Transit provides four-intercity routes, paratransit services seven days a week and intermodal connections with six neighboring county transit systems and Amtrak and Greyhound lines. In 2005, Grays Harbor Transit provided over 1.15 million passenger trips.  This funding will fully fund the purchase of two minibuses that are programmed for replacement in 2008.

Pacific Transit Vehicle Replacement -- $35,000
This funding will be used to purchase a minibus to replace an aged vehicle.  Replacement of this vehicle is critical for Pacific Transit to continue intercity services to Raymond, Aberdeen, South Bend, Naselle, Ilwaco and the Long Beach Peninsula loop.  Pacific Transit provides complimentary dial-a-ride service for elderly and disabled people, and this funding helps ensure that those services are retained. Pacific Transit provided over 117,000 passenger trips in 2005.  This vehicle replacement is part of the agency's 6 year capital improvement plan and is identified in regional plans as critical to serving regional mobility needs.


Pullman Transit Maintenance Facility expansion -- $800,000
This funding will help remodel the original 1982 facility, which Pullman Transit has since outgrown.  The updated facility will have two additional bays that have the capacity to accommodate 40-foot buses and large fire trucks.  To date, Pullman Transit has been unable to purchase any bus longer than 35-feet as they are unable to perform maintenance on them in the current facility.  This funding will complete the expansion and remodel.

Northeast Community Center Construction Project -- $500,000 (Spokane)
This funding will support the Northeast Community Organization’s efforts to expand the Northeast Community Center to allow for expanded services.  Specifically, the funding will help complete the first phase of the neighborhood resource expansion project.  The Center offers a range of services, including: Headstart; a senior center; adult education and language courses; a supplemental food program for pregnant women, infants, and children; among others. 

YMCA/YWCA of Spokane Facility Construction Project -- $500,000
This funding will assist in the construction of a YMCA and YWCA co-location that will provide valuable services such as a childcare center, workforce readiness classrooms, domestic violence victim services, and programs for at-risk and homeless children and parents.  The area where this facility will be built is very low-income, and the YMCA/YWCA will be critical in providing services and training that will improve the economic abilities of the residents it will serve.

Inland Pacific Hub Analysis Project -- $250,000
Washington State is expected to accommodate an increased amount of international freight in the coming years.  This project will determine the economic impact and job creation potential of developing an inland port.  The analysis will assess the ability of Spokane to develop an intelligent transportation hub that would attract more global commerce in the region.  It will also create a plan to coordinate with regional partners.

Spokane Transit Smart Bus Technology Modernization -- $700,000
This funding will allow the Spokane Transit Authority to purchase and install new electronic and data systems technology, known as Smart Bus, into their existing buses.  This technology will improve vehicle life, lower maintenance costs, provide ADA enhancements, and increase overall dependability and efficiency of the bus system.  The Smart Bus technology will help to increase ridership and provide a safer transportation alternative for the Spokane area.

Freight Transportation Policy Institute, Washington State University -- $450,000
The Freight Transportation Policy Institute will research freight transportation and how improvements to freight mobility positively affect domestic and global competition, trade, and economic development.  Other factors that will be analyzed are employment and job growth, and energy and environmental considerations.  This funding will allow for a coordinated, streamlined research effort of freight transportation policy.

Post Street Centennial Trail and Utility Bridge -- $1.4 million
This funding will enable the city of Spokane to reconstruct the Post Street bridge, which provides a pedestrian connection between downtown Spokane and the University District redevelopment, and carries the city’s main sewer line, which also serves the City of Spokane Valley.  The city has already secured $5 million for design and construction and this funding will complete the project.

Columbia County Public Transportation Vehicle Replacement -- $84,000
The Columbia County Public Transportation Vehicle Replacement Project will replace two older minibuses that provide critical regional rural bus services.  These buses meet the rural mobility needs of elderly persons and people with disabilities.  This project will allow continued service benefiting residents from Dayton, Waitsburg and Prescott traveling to Walla Walla.  The buses connect people to the nearest town with major services including hospitals and transportation links.

Tonasket Community Center Project -- $200,000
The Tonasket Community Center is in dire need of renovations to make the building a safe gathering place for the rural, low-income city of Tonasket.  This funding will help the Community Center maintain and expand its current services, including serving as an art and education center, a social gathering place, and an arena for economic development through the community certified kitchen.  This funding will complete basic renovations, such as roof repairs, insulation for the walls and ceiling, and electrical system upgrades to bring the building into compliance with building codes.


Icicle Station Project in Leavenworth – $300,000
The City of Leavenworth has reached an agreement with Amtrak and Burlington Northern Santa Fe to provide passenger rail to Leavenworth along the Empire Builder route.  Upon completion, Icicle Station will provide service to Leavenworth from all destinations between Seattle and Chicago, greatly enhancing the city's economic and tourism base. The funding Senator Murray included in the THUD bill for Icicle Station will complete construction of the station platform and improve multimodal access to the facility to provide a seamless transition from local transportation options to the new Amtrak service.

Tonasket Community Center Building Renovation -- $200,000
The Tonasket Community Center is in dire need of renovations to make the building a safe gathering place for the city of Tonasket.  This funding will help the Community Center maintain and expand its current services, including serving as an art and education center, a social gathering place, and an arena for economic development through the community certified kitchen.  This funding will complete basic renovations, such as roof repairs, insulation for the walls and ceiling, and electrical system upgrades to bring the building into compliance with building codes.

Link Transit Coach Replacement Project -- $550,000
This project will replace and upgrade Link Transit's regional commuter transit service fleet.  Link Transit will replace 8 urban transit coaches that have far exceeded their useful life.  The new coaches will be 40 feet long suburban commuter coaches, have reduced emissions and increased accessibility for riders with disabilities.  The vehicles will be utilized on Link Transit's two long distance commuter routes that serve the communities of Leavenworth, Chelan, Cashmere, Dryden, Peshastin, Manson, Entiat, Orondo and Chelan Falls.  These routes are up to 70 miles in length and currently have standing room only on a daily basis.  The additional capacity provided by the new fleet will allow service to continue to grow and meet the needs of rural communities in north central Washington.  The estimated cost per vehicle is $367,188. From 2004-2006, Senator Murray secured $2.1 million for Link Transit's multi-phase coach replacement project.  This additional $550,000 will bring the total federal investment secured by Senator Murray to $2.65 million over the past 5 years.


Rich Passage Wake Study -- $1,540,000
The Rich Passage wake study is working to finalize the design plans and specifications for a high speed passenger ferry service between Bremerton and Seattle. The funding will be used to study the response of the sands and gravels on the beaches along the route through Rich Passage, biological monitoring and analysis, financial feasibility analysis and public outreach including a website and newsletter. The funds will also include the use of an existing foil assisted catamaran to simulate actual operating conditions of a designed boat so that potential impacts, if any, can be assessed and appropriate measures can be taken to protect the shoreline.

Kitsap County Resources Community Services Center -- $200,000
This project will help complete the construction of the Kitsap County Resources (KCR) Community Services Center.  It will allow KCR to continue to provide services to low-income residents of Kitsap County such as employment and training, a Women, Infants, and Children clinic, and a food services center that prepares nearly 200,000 meals a year for seniors and children.


Everett Senior Activities Center Expansion - $600,000
This funding will support the City's expansion of the Everett Senior Activities Center, which serves about 3,900 seniors from Everett and the surrounding communities.  The funding will support a new elevator to improve access for the disabled.  It will also expand and upgrade the kitchen, so that the center can continue to meet the nutritional needs of seniors in the area.  Many of the center's users are low-income seniors, who rely on the center's subsidized meals as their only reliable meal each day. The kitchen provides Title III C Nutritional Meals for the Center through a daily lunch and once-a-week dinners to seniors from throughout the region.  The City of Everett subsidizes one-third of the cost of each meal.

Granite Falls – Freight Access Project – $1.050 million
This funding will help construct a two-lane, 2.1 mile alternate route for gravel and log trucks moving through Granite Falls.  The project will improve freight mobility, reduce congestion, and improve safety for cars and pedestrians.

U.S. Highway 2 Safety Improvements -- $650,000
This funding will enable the Washington State Department of Transportation to make urgently needed safety improvements to U.S. Highway 2. Improvements will be made to guard rails, centerline rumble strips, and left-turn pockets along U.S. 2 between Snohomish and the Skykomish. U.S. Highway 2 is one of the most dangerous stretches of highway in Washington state, accidents there have claimed the lives of more than 40 people since 1999. 

Community Transit- Bus Replacement – $1.050 million
This funding will help Community Transit purchase new buses to replace buses that have exceeded their useful life.

Everett Transit - Vehicle Replacement - $600,000
This funding will help the City of Everett replace three old, high-mileage diesel buses with new ultra-clean, diesel-electric hybrid buses for more reliable service and environmentally-friendly operation.

I-5 and 116th Street NE Interchange Improvement Project, Tulalip Tribes -- $1.050 million
This project will make needed improvements to the interchange of I-5 at 116th street NE on the Tulalip Tribes Reservation.  The project will improve safety and reduce traffic backups on I-5.  Senator Murray has secured $4 million for the project in previous years.

Advanced Manufacturing in Materials Innovation Center -- $525,000
This funding will allow continued composites research and training at the AMMIC center at Edmonds Community College. The center performs cutting edge composites research, testing and worker training.  In fact, the center trains Boeing workers so that they are proficient in working on the new Boeing 787.  This funding is absolutely critical to the research and testing done at AMMIC and especially to Boeing mechanics now that the 787 has come on-line.


Northwest Maritime Center -- $450,000
The bill includes $450,000 that will support the efforts of the city of Port Townsend and the Northwest Maritime Center to redevelop the former Thomas Oil Brownfield site.  This initiative is aimed at revitalizing Port Townsend’s National Landmark Historic District and creating new economic, tourist, educational, and recreational opportunities.  Senator Murray has previously secured $250,000 for this project.

Port Angeles International Gateway Project -- $350,000
The funding secured by Senator Murray for Clallam Transit will help support the development of a multi-modal facility, public plaza, visitor center, park and ride and parking facility in downtown Port Angeles. This facility will be the downtown hub for transit buses, taxis, bicyclists, pedestrians, ferry passengers, and tourists. Senator Murray has previously secured more than $4 million for this project.

Clallam Co., Olympic Discovery Trail Elwha River Pedestrian Bridge -- $575,000
This funding will support the pedestrian crossing component of a new bridge across the Elwha River in Clallam County.  The pedestrian crossing will be below the deck of a new highway bridge connecting the historic crossing of the 1915 Seattle and North Coast Railway to US-101.  The pedestrian bridge will provide a link between the eastern and western halves of the Olympic Discovery Trail. 

Jefferson Transit Vehicle Replacement -- $350,000
This funding will enable Jefferson Transit to purchase 3 new vehicles to support rural mobility needs.

Mason Transit Vehicle Replacement -- $280,000
This funding will allow Mason Transit to purchase new vehicles to support rural mobility needs.

Clallam Transit Vehicle Replacement -- $196,000
This funding will enable Clallam Transit to purchase new vehicles to support rural mobility needs. Senator Murray secured $400,000 for Clallam Transit in previous years. 


Port of Vancouver's West Freight Access -- $1.4 million
This project will bring new rail access to the port and enhance the port’s internal rail system. The bill includes $1.4 million for the project that will change the main rail line into the port so that it no longer runs directly across the BNSF railway mainline. This will result in a 40% reduction in rail traffic delays. Allow the port to receive large inbound trains directly into the port and will provide an area where Unit Trains can be staged, inspected, prepared and built ready for departure and add capacity for current industrial tenants and marine customers and prepare for the growth of rail cars entering the Port.

C-Tran Vehicle Replacement, $490,000
This money will help C-Tran replace current buses with 40-foot coaches that include hybrid power.  This appropriation will help C-Tran’s commitment to cleaner more fuel efficient hybrid buses

Battle Ground Community Center $400,000
The Battle Ground Community Center will serve as a recreation and educational programming space for citizens of Battle Ground.  Construction of the Community Center is part of a larger project to spur increased activity in Battle Ground’s downtown core.

Wahkiakum County, Wahkiakum County Ferry $200,000
The Ferry Wahkiakum is a vital part of the economy of the lower Columbia communities.  There are no other opportunities for crossing the Columbia River in the region without going a significant distance.  When either of the two bridges are closed additional traffic utilizes the ferry.  The ferry has become increasingly popular in recent years with tourist and bicyclists.   The ferry Wahkiakum has been in service for nearly 50 years. 

Phoenix House, Kelso $500,000
Phoenix House will be a new three story building that will provide service enriched housing for homeless women with substance abuse problems who have children and/or are pregnant.  Phoenix House will enable the women to gain the stability in their lives needed to continue their recovery by providing not only a safe place to live with their children, but also opportunities to strengthen their social and life skills. Phoenix House is a partnership between the Longview Housing Authority, who will develop, own and manage the housing, and the Drug Abuse Prevention Center who will provide services to the residents of Phoenix House.  There are approximately 10 local partners that participate in the P-CAP program and include local health care and social service providers.  The local drug court is very support of this effort as well.

Clark County I-5/I-205 Salmon Creek Interchange Project $700,000
This funding will support efforts by Clark County to build a new I-5 interchange at NE 139th and make other road improvements throughout the NE 134th Street/I-5/I-205 corridor in the northern urban area of Clark County. This project will alleviate congestion and improve safety.

Pacific Transit Vehicle Replacement -- $50,000
This funding will go toward enabling Pacific Transit to purchase 1 new vehicle to support rural mobility needs.


Skokomish Tribe Access Road and US-101 Realignment -- $1 million
The funding secured by Senator Murray for this project will help realign US-101, improve the line of sight, create a safe entrance onto the access road leading to the tribe’s new housing development, and improve overall safety conditions along the road.

Fidalgo Bay Road Improvement Project, Samish Tribe, Anacortes -- $500,000
This road is a major part of the Samish Tribe’s economic vitality and in need of substantial repairs in order to assure the safety of passengers and vehicles that travel on it.  Fidalgo Bay Road connects the State Route 20 Spur to the industrial park for the City of Anacortes, and is currently the site of many accidents and traffic-related injuries. 

116th Street NE Interchange Improvement Project, Tulalip Tribes -- $1.050 million
This project will make needed improvements to the interchange of I-5 at 116th street NE on the Tulalip Tribes Reservation.  Senator Murray has secured $4 million for the project in previous years.


Island Transit Vehicle Replacement -- $420,000
This funding will enable Island Transit to purchase vehicles to expand service and replace aged vehicles. This project will support rural mobility needs.


Lacey Interchange Project -- $500,000
The Lacey Interchange Project funding will help complete an Interchange Justification Report which is required before construction of a new interchange at I-5/SR510 can commence.  There is considerable congestion at the current intersection and during rush-hour, traffic backs up onto the I-5 exit lane.