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Republicans Pull "Grand Act of Ethics Hypocrisy"

Jan 18 2007

Murray calls on Republicans to end their filibuster of Ethics Reform

(WASHINGTON, DC) - Last November, on issues ranging from the war in Iraq, to ethics reform, voters in Washington state and around the country demanded a dramatically new direction from leaders in Washington, D.C. As a member of the Senate Leadership, Senator Patty Murray has worked to develop policies that reflect the needs of the American people and restore accountability to Congress.

Unfortunately, last night members of the Republican party hijacked that effort by filibustering the same ethics reform bill that passed the Senate less than a year ago.

Senator Murray addressed this partisan ploy at a press conference today in the U.S. Senate:

"The American people sent us a message in November. They demanded an end to the culture of corruption. An end to the partisan political games so loved by the Republican majority. And they demanded a new era of cooperation in service to the best interests of the American people.

"The American people sent us here with a mandate to clean up this mess and to work together to make progress for the country.

"All of us standing here today heard that message loud and clear. Our leader worked with the Republican leader to bring a strong ethics reform package to the floor of the Senate as the first piece of legislation in the new Congress. For nearly two weeks we worked together in an effort to end the culture of corruption that the Republicans let fester for years in Washington. Through amendments on the floor, we’ve made progress on the strongest ethics reform changes in a generation.

"But last night Senate Republicans, in a grand act of ethics hypocrisy, shattered the new culture of cooperation in an attempt to kill real reform. And I don’t believe the American people will stand for it.

"When I go home to Washington state, I hear the same thing over and over again from voter after voter after voter – stop the fighting, end the bickering, and get something done. People want a new direction, one of hope and opportunity and devoid of these old dirty tricks.

"Unfortunately, today Senate Republicans are trying to give the American people more of the same. More partisanship. More infighting. More corruption.

"What’s most disturbing to me is that this bill, just under a year ago, was good enough for them. We passed it 90 to 8. It was good enough for them then. It was good enough for them a few weeks ago when it was introduced. And it was good enough for them even last week when the Minority Leader said:

This [bill] is essentially what passed the Senate last year 90 to 8. The Senate is ready to act or close to ready to finish this important piece of legislation. We were last year...But we are going to pass this next week with an overwhelming bipartisan vote.

"But what was good enough for 90 senators last year and the minority leader just last week is now, magically, not enough.

"The American people will not and should not stand for this game. The Republicans may want to bring a premature end to the new culture of cooperation by killing ethics reform, but we will remain vigilant in our pursuit of a new direction for this country.'