News Releases

More than any other state in the nation, Washington has been hit hard by the recession. We have the second highest unemployment rate in America, and our families – from Puyallup to Pullman - are feeling pinched.

On three separate occasions last year, I worked to pass an economic stimulus package that would provide unemployment and health care assistance and job training to the unemployed, tax cuts to promote business, and tax rebates for those individuals and families left out last year.

Unfortunately, a determined minority of Senators effectively killed those efforts, insisting that additional corporate tax cuts must be included, despite economists' warnings of their limited simulative effect.

The same minority that prevented the Senate from passing an economic stimulus package last year has blocked the latest effort today. While I am disappointed that the stimulus package was killed, I am pleased that today the Senate took an important step in extending unemployment benefits to workers.

Providing an extension of unemployment benefits to Washington's workers will provide critically needed relief to get through this difficult economic time.