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AmeriCorps volunteers mentor at-risk youth, support veterans, protect the environment and more

Senators vow to fight for future investments in AmeriCorps despite President Trump’s threat to eliminate the program

WASHINGTON, D.C. -  Today, Senators Patty Murray (D-WA) and Maria Cantwell (D-WA) announced that Washington state will receive $25.3 million in AmeriCorps funding from the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), the federal agency for volunteering and service. The investments were appropriated in this year’s budget and will help tackle some of the toughest problems in Washington, including providing mentoring and tutoring for at-risk youth, supporting veterans and military families, preserving the environment, assisting in disaster response, and more. Senators Murray and Cantwell have consistently advocated for increased federal investment in the AmeriCorps program to support these volunteer positions, despite President Trump’s latest budget proposal to eliminate CNCS and all of its programs.

“The impact of an AmeriCorps member is priceless, and I will fight President Trump’s plans to defund this vital investment in our communities,” Senator Murray said. “These local volunteers seek out the problems impacting our families and neighbors, and work to find solutions that make Washington state better. I’m proud to support investments like AmeriCorps that teach individuals how to serve and unleash their power to tackle some of the most urgent issues impacting communities here in Washington state and nationwide.”

“Communities across Washington state and our country are stronger and more resilient because of dedicated AmeriCorps members,” Senator Cantwell said. “Each year these young men and women help returning veterans find jobs, teach school kids how to read, and help seniors live independently. I am proud that Washington state continues to be a leader in national service and I will fight the administration’s proposal to defund the AmeriCorps program.”

The federal investment includes nine grants totaling $14.8 million to support 1,336 AmeriCorps members. The federal investment announced today also includes $2.9 million to be directed to Serve Washington, the Governor-appointed state service commission, which in turn will award grants to nonprofit organizations and public agencies across the state. CNCS will also provide up to $7.7 million in education scholarships for the AmeriCorps members funded by these grants to help pay for college, job training, or repaying student loans. This federal investment is projected to generate an additional $16.8 million in local support to increase community impact and return on federal investment.

See below for the nine AmeriCorps competitive grants in Washington. Click here to see more information on both types of grants.  

  • Washington Campus Compact (care of Western Washington University): $1.1 million grant; 60 AmeriCorps members
  • Mt. Adams Institute: $760,000 grant; 58 AmeriCorps members
  • Educational Service District 101: $395,000 grant; 51 AmeriCorps members
  • EarthCorps: $672,000 grant; 40 AmeriCorps members
  • College Access Now: $559,000 grant; 30 AmeriCorps members
  • Washington State Department of Veterans Affairs: $921,000 grant; 50 AmeriCorps members
  • Washington State Department of Ecology: $3.4 million grant; 285 AmeriCorps members
  • Washington State Employment Security Department will receive two grants.
    • Washington Reading Corps-Fixed: $4 million grant; 225 AmeriCorps members
    • Washington Service Corps: $10.4 million grant; 567 AmeriCorps members

AmeriCorps engages more than 80,000 members in intensive service annually to serve through nonprofit, faith-based, and community organizations at 21,600 locations across the country. These members help communities tackle pressing problems while mobilizing millions of volunteers for the organizations they serve.