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This compromise is a positive step for the men and women of the Air Force and Boeing workers in Washington state. It has always been my primary goal to provide the brave men and women of our military with the equipment and assets they need to accomplish their mission safely and successfully. With this plan, Congress has reaffirmed our need to begin replacing this fleet with 100 new aircraft. The compromise included in the Defense bill allows us to move beyond the hurdles and delays of the past and deliver these critical assets to the men and women who need them now. The conference agreement allows the Secretary of the Air Force to begin purchasing the new tankers this year. It is clear we need these new tankers quickly. This past month, the Secretary of the Air Force was forced to remove 29 aging tankers from the fleet. Boeing is the only company capable of building such an important asset for our military. I am confident the Air Force will reach a contract agreement to buy 100 KC767 tankers and these planes will be built in Washington.