News Releases

“Tonight I share with every Washington state family a deep sense of relief that this embarrassing episode is nearing an end. These past few weeks have seen the dysfunction in Washington D.C. seep its way into the lives and livelihoods of families in ways that are completely unacceptable and that were entirely preventable. Families across our state have every right to be angry with the fact they’ve been made victims by an unnecessary crisis that they didn’t create and had no control over.

“I hope that if any lesson comes of these last few weeks it’s that the American people will not tolerate being held hostage and that the constant cycle of governing by crisis must come to an end. Thankfully, as part of the agreement to end this crisis, Republicans have now finally agreed to the budget conference committee that I have been asking for over the last six months. I am looking forward to the big challenge that bridging the significant differences between the House and Senate budgets presents, I am absolutely committed to finding common ground, and I hope Republicans are too.

“I first ran for the Senate because I saw a Congress that was disconnected from the lives of my neighbors and friends. I believed then - as I continue to do now - that bringing the struggles, successes, and hopes of regular Washington state families to the debates in Washington D.C. helps create a government that is more responsive to their needs.

“Today we find ourselves at a similar crossroads, where so many Americans rightly feel like their voices aren’t being heard. Too often regular Americans’ calls for bipartisanship and progress are being hijacked by whoever yells the loudest or causes the biggest commotion. Despite all that we have in common, our politics continues to be more and more defined by what sets us apart.   

“My hope is that in the weeks and months ahead we can heal many of the partisan divides that keep us from addressing the big challenges we face, including returning our focus to creating jobs and improving our economy. But most importantly, I hope that we heed the call of every American to do everything we can to ensure we never repeat the damaging crises we are on the verge of emerging from.”