News Releases

“Today, we are closer than we have been in decades to giving American families and businesses back control over their own health care choices.

“There is a lot of debate and work still ahead of us.  But the news we got back today is very encouraging.  It shows the American people that our bill saves money while protecting Medicare and putting patients first.

“With our economy hurting and Americans across the country worried about keeping their jobs or making a mortgage payment, the last stress they need is to worry about the cost of getting sick, being dropped from their plan or opening the mail to see yet another premium increase.

“This bill finally makes insurers compete for the business of the American people.  That is what families and small businesses owners in Washington state and across the country want and need.  And it’s what they deserve. 

“I will be reading the bill, taking part in the debate, and working to ensure that the needs and priorities of Washington’s families and businesses are preserved in this process.”