News Releases

“The President’s budget is both a statement of priorities and a test of our commitment to making our country stronger for all Americans.  Our nation is facing serious challenges, but it is not a time to shy away from the investments that will ensure our prosperity and competitiveness in the future.  This budget builds the foundation that will make America stronger by investing in health care, energy independence and education. 

“The President has inherited an economic recession and staggering deficit.  The shortsighted budgets and policies of the past have left our infrastructure crumbling, our education system falling behind and the debt of war in the pockets of our grandchildren.  There is no doubt we must take serious steps to dig out of this hole. 

“President Obama’s budget takes steps to cut our deficit in half and to restore fairness to our tax system.  And importantly, after eight years of gimmicks, this budget is transparent and tells the American people exactly where we are spending our money.  The President accounts for war spending and leaves room for natural disasters or other emergencies.

“The President has been honest about the challenges we face.  And now he’s being honest about where he is investing.  He’s warned Congress and the American people about the sacrifices we all must make to move our country forward – and they are many.  But he has also been clear that now is the time to invest in health care, energy, and education reform to ensure our long-term strength and prosperity.

“After eight long years of budgets that left America’s families behind, I look forward to working with President Obama and a bipartisan group in Congress to move forward and invest in the future strength of our nation.”