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(WASHINGTON, D.C.) - Earlier today the Bush Administration's advisory commission on Title IX voted to accept several recommendations that could reverse the progress made during the last thirty years. From 1971 to 2002, the number of girls participating in high school sports increased from 294,000 to 2.8 million, and the number of women in college sports has increased five-fold.

"Since 1972, Title IX has opened the doors to athletics, education and success for 2.8 million young women. For thirty years the program has increased participation under Republican and Democratic administrations.

I am disappointed with the commission's recommended changes that could undermine Title IX's success. I don't believe the commission should be changing proportionality. Instead, we should have better enforcement of the existing law.

Title IX means more equity and more opportunity not just for women but for all Americans, and we must not allow anyone to undermine such a successful civil rights law."