News Releases

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Earlier today, Sen. Murray succeeded in passing an agreement through the Appropriations Committee for the U.S. Government to lease 100 Boeing 767s over a ten-year period.

For months, Murray has been working with the Air Force and other Northwest delegation members to convince her Senate colleagues that the Boeing tanker lease should be adopted.

"This is good news for Boeing, for its workers, and for Washington State's economy. Most importantly, this is good news for the men and women in uniform who will be flying better, newer aircraft as they carry out their dangerous missions.

Washington State's economy has suffered disproportionately in the economic downturn, and Boeing and its workers have been especially hard-hit in the aftermath of September 11th.

If the President signs the measure, this lease will provide a tremendous boost to the workers and the economy in the Puget Sound and will provide our fighting forces with the resources they need.

This deal would not have been reached with out the leadership and perseverance of Sen. Inouye (D-Hi.) and Sen. Stevens (R-Ak.) who were instrumental. Senator Cantwell also deserves credit for her efforts on behalf of Boeing.