News Releases

“After a thorough investigation, Special Prosecutor Fitzgerald and a Grand Jury have determined that there is enough evidence to indict a senior Bush Administration official on charges of perjury and obstruction of justice. These are very serious charges.

Today’s indictments have far reaching implications about this Administration’s credibility with the American people, particularly because they concern our nation’s security and decisions involved in taking our nation to war.

While indicted individuals are innocent until proven guilty, the facts in this case must be laid bare. This Administration owes it to the American people to cooperate fully. Nothing can be gained through further cover-ups and distortions.

Today our country is facing serious challenges – from natural disasters on our soil to an unfinished war abroad. Americans should never have to question that our government is focused on addressing these very real issues and working to move our nation forward.

The American people deserve a government focused on making our country stronger – not an Administration willing to do or say anything to advance its agenda at the expense of our security and of the truth. I urge the Administration to be forthcoming and cooperate fully as this process unfolds.”