News Releases

"Today Boeing outlined its site selection criteria for building the 7E7. These criteria include a range of factors the company believes will allow it to be competitive as it contemplates brining a new plane to market.

The last several years have been hard on the aviation industry. Aircraft manufacturing has been particularly hard hit by the economic downturn. Today, Boeing faces increasing competition from a ruthless foreign rival, which enjoys generous subsidies from not just one government, but many.

I expect that the competition to build the 7E7 will be stiff. Every community in America would love to build this plane, and some state legislatures have already taken steps to lure the 7E7 to their state.

Earlier this year, news reports suggested that the company was considering assembling the 7E7 in a foreign country. This move would have had grave ramifications, and I sincerely appreciate that Boeing has ruled out building the plane overseas.

I am optimistic that our state can win this competition and continue to build the best aircraft in the world.

I am committed to doing everything in my power to make sure that Boeing builds the 7E7 right here in Washington state.

I am confident that by working together with state and local leaders we can put together the proposal that will best address Boeing’s needs and keep thousands of workers building the world’s finest airplanes."