News Releases

Today the Justice Department announced it would not seek to break up Microsoft. This is good news for Washington State and for the American economy. While I appreciate the Justice Department's support for the Appeals Court's recent decision against a breakup of Microsoft, I urge Attorney General Ashcroft and the Antitrust Division to bring this case to a prompt resolution.

The Court has provided an opportunity for the parties to settle this case. Now it is time for the Justice Department and the state attorneys general to settle this case once and for all.

Microsoft contributions to our economy are unparalleled, and its products and services have enabled greater efficiency in our homes, our schools and our businesses. It has provided countless benefits to consumers. Today's decision will enable the company to continue developing important tools that benefit all Americans.

Microsoft's employees are dedicated, hardworking, and committed members of our community. I hope, for their sake, that we can soon bring this case to a close.