News Releases

After more than five decades in public life, Senator Hollings has decided to take some time off. He has certainly earned it.

Fritz Hollings will leave a legacy of accomplishment. I am proud to work with him to strengthen security at our nation’s ports. While this fight seemed at times a lonely battle, Fritz knew that port security is too important to ignore. While a lot more remains to be done, Sen. Hollings’ tenacity and commitment are now making our ports and our people safer.

I have also been proud to work with Senator Hollings to invest in Amtrak. He understands that inter-city passenger rail is vital to our country, and he has stood up to those who would dismantle this important American transportation option.

And without Senator Hollings’ steadfast support, it would have been nearly impossible to enact the historic pipeline safety law last year. Thanks to his efforts, every pipeline in America is now required to be inspected.

I look forward to continuing to work with Senator Hollings during the next year. His advocacy and sense of humor will be sorely missed.