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For generations, the Boeing company has been synonymous with the Puget Sound region. Together - Washington state and the company - have grown together, suffered together and prospered together. Washingtonians appreciate this history and take great pride in Boeing.

Today the region is trying to digest the shocking news that it will no longer be home to Boeing's headquarters. This is painful for the region, and disappointing for me.

The Boeing company of today is not the Boeing company that Bill Boeing founded early in the 20th century. The company has grown from its roots along the Duwamish and astride Lake Union into a global corporation pushing the boundaries of technology and impacting our daily lives.

This has been possible, not simply because of the business decisions made by the Boeing company, but also because of the nurturing of the region and the commitment of its people. For over 85 years, Puget Sound has provided the ingenuity, the natural resources, the human capital, and the business climate that have allowed Boeing to grow into the largest aerospace company in the world.

Today's news is especially difficult to hear because Boeing has been and will continue to be a part of the fabric of our lives in the Puget Sound area. While my head understands Boeing must make tough business decisions to succeed, my heart is asking what does this mean?

Earlier today I spoke with Boeing Chairman Phil Condit who told me that the decision to move the headquarters cannot be reversed. But he also assured me that Boeing has a firm commitment to the 87,000 workers and to the commercial aircraft division that will remain in the Puget Sound area.