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Murray Introduces Moses Lake Native, Annette Sandberg, At Senate Confirmation Hearing

May 08 2003

Former Chief of Washington State Patrol Nominated to Run Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) -- Today Sen. Patty Murray introduced Annette Sandberg at her confirmation hearing to become the head of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Sen. Murray has worked with Sandberg, the former Chief of the Washington State Patrol, for years. Murray spoke in strong support of President Bush’s nominee.

Murray’s statement follows:

"Good morning, Mr. Chairman, Senator Hollings and Members of the Committee. I’m delighted to be here this morning to introduce Ms. Annette Sandberg, who is President Bush’s nominee to be the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administrator.

As you well know, Mr. Chairman, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration – at just three years old -- is a relatively new agency within the Department of Transportation. But this agency has an extremely important mission in overseeing our nation’s commercial motor-vehicle industry.

We know there are many safety issues that need attention – from the commercial drivers’ license program to the transportation of hazardous materials.

Annette Sandberg is uniquely qualified to be the agency’s Administrator. She comes with a strong background in law enforcement – including over 17 years with the Washington State Patrol.

In fact, in 1995, Annette became the first woman in the country to lead a state police agency when she was appointed Chief of the Washington State Patrol, a position she held for six years.

Annette holds a law degree from the University of Puget Sound and a Master’s in Business Administration from City University in Bellevue, Washington.

She also brings experience in the Executive Branch. In March 2002, the President appointed her Deputy Administrator of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. In December, she was named Acting Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

Under Annette’s leadership at the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, the final rule -- revising the Hours of Service in the motor carrier industry -- was finally released a few weeks ago. This was the first major change in this critical area to be finalized in nearly 65 years. And whether one agrees or disagrees with all parts of the final rule, it is quite impressive that Annette could get the job done while performing in an “Acting” capacity.

Mr. Chairman, I just want to say personally that I’ve known and worked with Annette for many years.

When I talk with young girls at elementary and middle schools throughout Washington State, I encourage them to think about non-traditional careers from being a pilot to working in construction and law enforcement.

Annette is the example I mention around our state because she’s not only one of the few women to make it to the top of her field, but along the way she’s earned the respect of everyone who’s worked with her.

Today, Annette is joined here by her parents, Jim and Shirley Sandberg from Moses Lake, Washington. I also want to mention her siblings who couldn’t be with us today: her sisters -- Lori Garrett from Moses Lake, and Cindy Harrison from Chelan; and her brother Scott Sandberg from Bonney Lake, Washington.

Mr. Chairman, I strongly support Annette Sandberg’s nomination to be Administrator of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, and I urge the Committee to approve her nomination expeditiously."