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Agreement includes $1.1 billion in emergency funds Murray fought for to combat Zika, of which there are 41 reported cases in WA 

Also includes Sen. Murray provision that allows VA to cover IVF for veterans for the first time in decades

Bipartisan deal passed out of Senate, now goes to House of Representatives 

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) praised the bipartisan Senate deal she helped reach with Republicans that will include $1.1 billion in emergency funds, including family planning services, to combat the Zika virus and her provision that allows the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to cover the costs of assisted reproductive technology for veterans with service-related injuries. The short-term spending bill that the Senate passed today included both of these provisions that Senator Murray has been fighting for. 

“I am so proud we were able to break through the gridlock and dysfunction and include these critical provisions in this Senate bill that I have worked for so long to get done. These provisions are so important for veterans, women, and families in Washington state and across the country,” Senator Murray said. I will work with my colleagues in the House to pass this agreement quickly so these critical provisions can be signed into law as soon as possible.”

More on Zika funding:

Back in May, Senator Murray broke through the gridlock and dysfunction on this issue and worked across the aisle with Republicans on bipartisan Zika legislation, which passed the Senate overwhelmingly. Congressional Republicans later attached harmful riders, restricting women’s access to family planning services in a partisan Zika proposal before leaving for a seven week recess. Senator Murray, who was part of the Conference Committee and LHHS Subcommittee that crafted pieces of the final agreement, successfully fought for the removal of language that would have specifically blocked Planned Parenthood health care providers from accessing critical funding.  

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More on IVF provision:

After more than a decade of war, widespread use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and harsh deployment conditions have resulted in greater rates of genitourinary, blast, spinal, and brain injuries than in past conflicts, leaving thousands of veterans unable to conceive naturally.  Since 2012, Senator Murray has been fighting to make sure the VA covers the cost of fertility treatment to make sure veterans and their spouses can realize their dreams of having a family. The provision Sen. Murray included in the legislative package that passed today gives VA the authority to use existing funds for assisted reproductive technology, of which IVF is the most common.  

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