News Releases

“Tonight we heard a strong vision from President Obama for getting our economy back on track, getting our workers back on the job, and laying down a strong foundation for our country to continue leading the way in the 21st century economy. I believe that this vision is exactly what Washington state families need, and I am going to continue working with the President and my colleagues in Congress to enact it.

“I have heard from so many families and small business owners across Washington state who continue to struggle. While we certainly need to tackle the deficit and cut spending, I am not going to allow that to happen on the backs of Washington state students, veterans, and future growth.

“The importance of investing in Washington state’s future cannot be overstated. From the Columbia River Crossing in Southwest Washington, to the North-South Freeway in Spokane, to the Mercer Street mess and mass transit throughout Seattle—we can’t stop making the investments we need to continue innovating and continue competing.

“And as President Obama said tonight, we need to make sure that Washington state workers are getting the support they need not just to get back to work, but also to build the economy of the future.  We must maintain our competitive edge by investing in our students, our workers, and the innovation that will pave a strong foundation for long-term economic growth.  And we need to make sure the jobs and innovation of the future—like Washington state’s aerospace industry—continues to thrive and that they stay right here in the United States.

“So I am not going to stop fighting for the local investments in Washington state that will keep our economy growing and will get workers back on the job. And I look forward to working with anyone who is interested in making sure America continues to lead the way in the 21st century economy.”