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Murray Announces Inclusion of $451 Million in Emergency Highway Funds in Senate Supplemental Bill

May 07 2008

Senate to help American communities rebuild critical infrastructure after devastating disasters

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash), Chairman of the Senate Transportation Appropriations Subcommittee, today announced that the Senate Supplemental Appropriations bill will include over $451 million dollars in emergency relief for the repair and reconstruction of roads and bridges that have been damaged by unexpected catastrophes.  The funding will cover the backlog of projects from disasters occurring in fiscal year 2005 and forward.

"These emergency highway dollars are critical to helping American communities rebuild after disasters beyond their control," Senator Murray said.  "If we can spend $10 billion a month for the war in Iraq, we should be willing to spend a fraction of that to invest in the recovery of communities here at home."

The $451 million in emergency Supplemental funding is being targeted toward the rebuilding of roads and bridges damaged in recent disasters.  The funding provided will cover a backlog of 41 separate incidents from 21 states for roads and bridges that were damaged or destroyed in declared disaster areas.

"The President has asked for over $700 million for roads in Iraq and Afghanistan in his Supplemental request.  Congress needs to be looking out for the needs of our communities here at home," Murray said.  "Communities across our country have been hit by disaster and Americans are hurting today.  There is no better place to take care of these pressing needs than in this emergency supplemental bill."