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Today, as the Senate prepared to pass legislation to help airlines, U.S. Senator Patty Murray spoke on the Senate floor about the bill's failure to help those in the aviation industry who may be laid-off.

Senator Murray's remarks follow:

Madam President, I thank my colleague from Massachusetts. I thank all of our colleagues who have worked together in a very bipartisan manner over the last week to address the critical issues coming at us. I know we need to help the airline industry, and that is why this bill is important.

I remind my colleagues that thousands of workers were left out of this bill. I have 30,000 employees in my home State of Washington at Boeing who have been left out of this bill. They are just as patriotic and they have worked just as hard. They deserve our attention just as much. We should not forget them when we are taking care of the owners of these airline companies.

It is the workers who go to work every day who make this country great and strong. We need to make sure we have a commitment to them in the coming week to put together an aviation package that includes employee assistance for those who have made this country what it is.

I thank my colleague from Massachusetts and Senator Cantwell from my State, and other Members, such as Senator Carnahan. I pledge my support to make sure this Senate doesn't forget the workers as we put together the aviation package that has been promised.