News Releases

"Today, as we celebrate the 32nd anniversary of Earth Day, I'm proud that Washington state has been a leader in raising environmental awareness. Our state has balanced strong economic growth with strong environmental protection. This dedication has improved the quality of our air and water while protecting wildlife, fisheries and wilderness areas.

This Earth Day is an opportunity for each of us to take steps to help solve environmental challenges.

Last Thursday, the Senate killed the President's plan to drill for oil in the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. Not only was this plan irresponsible and environmentally unsound, but it did nothing to diversify our energy sources.

The responsible way to address our energy problems is to focus on long-term solutions like supporting energy efficiency, conservation, and the diversification of our energy sources. These steps will reduce our dependence on foreign oil, while cleaning up the environment, and creating good jobs.

And we know that by reducing our use of fossil fuels like oil and gasoline, we can also reduce air pollution and lessen global warming.

Finally, Earth Day should remind us that we must remain committed to cleaning up the environmental mistakes of the past. I sincerely hope the President will reconsider his decision to oppose reinstating the Superfund tax on chemical and petroleum industries. The polluters – not the taxpayers – should pay to cleanup their messes.

We all have a commitment to protect our environment for future generations. Working together on Earth Day and every day, we can protect the natural environment we treasure from the consequences of our actions."