News Releases

“On Memorial Day, America is united is honoring those who have answered the call and protected our land, our people, and our values.

“But this is not just a day of national remembrance. For many across Washington state and the nation this is a very personal occasion as we remember grandfathers, mothers and fathers, husbands and wives, and sons and daughters.

“This year, many in our state have made the ultimate sacrifice. And, currently, many from our state are still answering the call to serve, and sacrificing half a world away. Our thoughts and prayers are with them, their families and their friends.

“We are committed to caring for their families during this difficult separation. And as a country we will work to honor these veterans’ sacrifice when they return home – be it with jobs, training, support or healthcare.

“So on this Memorial Day we honor the fallen. We also give thanks and praise for our newest veterans, but they deserve much more than that. They deserve the fulfilled promises of a grateful nation.

“Caring for our veterans is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it’s an American issue. As we prepare to observe Memorial Day, I call on the President to work with me to do the most patriotic thing we can do – fulfill our promise to care for America’s veterans.”