News Releases

"These are serious times for the Department of Veterans Affairs and we need the President to send us a serious nominee to fill the job.  That means a truthful advocate for veterans, not an apologist for this Administration's failures to plan.

"The next VA Secretary must have a record of being a strong and independent voice for veterans – not someone being rewarded for political loyalty.  Our veterans deserve to know that the head of the VA system can stand up to the White House and fight for the resources and benefits our veterans need.  

"The VA Secretary's duty is to protect veterans, not a dishonest Administration.

"No matter how they feel about the war, America supports our veterans.  They have answered the call to serve and they have the thanks of a grateful nation.  Americans are willing to open their hearts, minds and wallets to support the brave men and women who have sacrificed for us.

"This is a true opportunity for the President to take the American public up on their offer and appoint an honest advocate who will fill the needs of current and future veterans and honor their sacrifice with true service."