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KING COUNTY: Senator Murray Secures Support for Job-Creating Defense Projects in King County

Sep 15 2010

Funding will support Armed Forces while creating family-wage jobs

(Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA), a senior member of the Defense Subcommittee announced that she has included critical funding for King County companies in the Fiscal Year 2011 Defense Appropriations bill.  The funding will create jobs and help Washington state remain at the forefront of technology, research, and innovation.

The key job-creating bill passed through the Defense Appropriations Subcommittee today, and will now move to the full Appropriations Committee for consideration.

“This investment in companies right here in Washington state will help create family-wage jobs while supporting our national defense,” said Senator Murray. “This is about bringing Washington state tax dollars back to companies in our own backyard. And the plain truth is that if I’m not fighting for these job investments to be made here in our state, they will go to other states like Texas and California. Our state’s innovative companies deserve their fair share of federal funding so they can hire, expand and provide our service members with tools to keep them safe. I’m proud to have secured this support for local companies to help them create jobs.”

King County projects are listed below:

Advancing iPSC Technology for Regenerative Medicine Therapies to Treat Combat Injuries
Recipient:       FATE Therapeutics, Inc.
Amount:         $3,000,000
Location:        Seattle, WA

This investment would develop regenerative medicines for the Army to treat traumatic combat injuries, such as blindness, deafness, and tissue loss. This would advance safe and effective therapies for serious injuries sustained by soldiers in combat for which there are currently little or no treatment options.

Project Title:  FASTinfo: Patient Status Monitor
Recipient:       Pyng Medical USA
Amount:         $1,000,000
Location:        Kirkland, WA

This investment would design and develop a light-weight integrated health monitoring device for the Army. This device would improve the ability of Army medical personnel to triage and treat victims in the event of a mass casualty incident.

Project Title:  Hearing Restoration through Cellular Regeneration
Recipient:       Sound Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Amount:         $3,000,000
Location:        Seattle, WA

This investment would allow further studies and testing on critical hearing restoration therapies for the Army. Hearing loss is a permanent and progressive disease which affects many servicemembers. Restoring hearing in military personnel would improve servicemember health, quality of life, and productivity.

Project Title: In-Space Solar Electric Resource Transport Development
Recipient:       Aerojet General Corporation
Amount:         $1,000,000
Location:        Redmond, WA

This investment would develop high-power solar electric propulsion systems, leveraging recent dramatic improvements in ultra-lightweight solar array technology, to place, reposition and service heavier payload Air Force spacecraft. Cutting-edge technology would reduce satellite weight and fuel consumption, allowing them to carry larger payloads at less cost to the taxpayer.

Project Title: Non-Lethal Portable Vehicle Immobilization Device (NLPVID) for Large
Recipient:       General Dynamics – OTS Seattle
Amount:         $1,000,000
Location:        Seattle, WA and Moses Lake, WA

This investment would complete the development and qualification for the Army of the Non-Lethal Portable Vehicle Immobilization Device (NLPVID) to immobilize potentially dangerous large vehicles. In addition to supporting jobs in central and western Washington, this would meet the critical need to provide non-lethal protection against Large Vehicle Borne Improvised Explosive Devices in Afghanistan to protect servicemembers and civilians.

Project Title:  On-Chip Integrated Photonic Polymer Transceiver
Recipient:       Gigoptix
Amount:         $5,000,000
Location:        Bothell, WA

This investment would develop cutting edge photonic modulator technology for the Air Force’s high frequency, high bandwidth systems.  Current technologies are physically too large and energy-intensive to sustain the anticipated levels of bandwidth growth in coming years. This would continue important research into faster, smaller, and more energy efficient power and communications systems, to provide accurate, timely information to airmen and help the Air Force maintain its edge in the air.

Project Title:  Puget Sound Baseline Monitoring/Intrusion Detection System
Recipient:       BioSonics, Inc.
Amount:         $2,000,000
Location:        Seattle, WA

This investment would further develop the scientific monitoring systems necessary to conduct baseline aquatic species assessment studies at potential Navy tidal energy development sites within the Puget Sound region. This would help the Navy meet its renewable energy requirement while protecting marine life in Puget Sound.

Project Title: The Advanced Amphibious Transportation Lifting and Storage System
Recipient:       Sunstream Corporation
Amount:         $2,000,000
Location:        Kent, WA

This investment would provide the Navy with a single system for on-water dry storage, launch, recovery, transportation and yard storage of Navy craft. This would address the Navy requirement for safer, more efficient handling and storage of small craft both in and out of the water, and would extend the life of Navy small craft.

Project Title: Scleral Healing and Bone Repair with Sphere-templated (6S)
Recipient:       University of Washington
Amount:         $1,500,000
Location:        Seattle, WA

This investment would advance critical research for the Army on a new biomaterial for saving traumatized eyes and restoring sight after corneal injuries. This would allow cutting-edge medical research into new biotechnologies to address battlefield injuries affecting our servicemembers.

Project Title: Small Agile Tactical Spacecraft (SATS)
Recipient:       Andrews Space, Inc.
Amount:         $4,000,000
Location:        Tukwila, WA

The Small Agile Tactical Spacecraft (SATS) program would develop and demonstrate a low-cost nanospacecraft for the Army capable of providing detailed imagery from space and beaming that imagery directly into the field. This would provide critical “real time” Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) and communications capabilities to troops deployed around the world, maximizing warfighting effectiveness for our troops in the field. 

Project Title:  U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) Modular Glove System
Recipient:       Outdoor Research
Amount:         $2,000,000
Location:        Seattle, WA

This investment would provide Special Operations Forces (SOF) with advanced, adaptable gloves which function across a spectrum of weather conditions while preserving user dexterity and comfort. This would help protect Special Operations Forces personnel from extreme weather conditions and enhance their ability to carry out wartime missions.

Project Title: Wounded Warrior Careers Demonstration Program
Recipient:       National Organization on Disability (NOD)
Amount:         $1,200,000
Location:        Seattle, WA

This investment would accelerate the return to self-sufficiency for the most severely wounded disabled soldiers through proactive career counseling and employment services. This would improve and expand critical employment transition services for wounded warriors.