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Eighteen months ago the U.S. Senate began a journey to help improve our military readiness by replacing an outdated Air Force asset with new Boeing 767 tankers. Today, we have reached a great outcome.

We finally have a deal that will benefit Washington state, Boeing, and above all – the brave men and women of our Air Force.

With our economy shaky and our peace and prosperity threatened, this tanker deal is more important than ever.

These 100 new airplanes will be a shot in the arm to Washington state’s economy and to the thousands of Boeing workers who will build the planes that strengthen our Air Force.

I’ve met with some of our brave tanker pilots who fly with the 92nd Air Refueling Wing based at Fairchild Air Force Base in Spokane. I’m proud to be able to bring this deal home not only for our workers, but for our tanker crews who truly are the backbone of America’s air power capability and who deserve the best equipment.

Despite the best efforts of the Air Force to maintain the current tanker fleet, those planes are outdated, unreliable, and cost billions to maintain.

I’m proud of the hard work of the Senate, and of so many in the Air Force and Department of Defense, who know that these Boeing planes will help our airmen and women to protect our nation.

Any Boeing worker who’s been laid off, any pilot who flies or relies on these planes and anyone who looks at our state’s economy can see this is a great deal for our military, our economy and our taxpayers.