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(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – Today, President Bush proposed a ban on all cloning including therapeutic and reproductive cloning, which would jeopardize important therapeutic stem cell research.

Sen. Murray released the following statement.

"I, too, oppose the use of cloning technology to reproduce a human being, and I have supported legislation to ban human cloning. But the President's proposal goes far beyond such a ban.

The President's proposal threatens essential areas of medical research involving therapeutic cloning and stem cell research. This important research holds enormous promise for achieving breakthrough cures for debilitating diseases that touch nearly every family in America.

I am unwilling to tell someone with Multiple Sclerosis, or Parkinson's, or diabetes, or Alzheimer's that the government will ban the very research that could cure them.

I have consulted with doctors and researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Center, the University of Washington, and other facilities, who are also concerned about the impact that a ban on therapeutic cloning would have on their research.

Regenerative medicine offers real hope for patients across our country. This research is about improving medicine and saving lives. We cannot shortchange patients and their families by eliminating one of the most promising fields in medical research. By advocating a ban on regenerative medicine, President Bush is putting the hope of promising new treatments in serious jeopardy.

I believe we have to move forward cautiously and deliberately. We must fully understand the current science as well as future potential."