News Releases

“The President's budget is more of the same misplaced priorities that we've seen for the past six years. Rather than change course and invest in the areas that we know will make America strong, the President has chosen to favor short-sighted tax cuts and corporate giveaways over the needs of America's hard-working families.

"If the budget is a statement of values, this President is out of touch with average Americans. In fact, this budget takes an ax to everything from housing to Medicare to the COPS program in an effort to continue to pay for the fiscally irresponsible policies.

"It is unconscionable that at a time of war, the President has attempted to balance his budget on the backs of America's veterans. Charging our heroes a penalty for the care and services they deserve is unacceptable.

"It is unseemly that at a time when health care costs are at an all time high that the President would slash Medicare and Medicaid by $80 billion.

"And it is simply irresponsible to talk about homeland security risks while simultaneously funding port security at levels well below the amount authorized to truly protect our nation.

“Americans deserve a government that reflects our priorities and that pays for them in a fiscally responsible way. Rather than give hope to everyday Americans, this budget undermines many of our country's needs and pays for others through fiscally deceptive means.

"While I am disappointed by much of the President's budget, I look forward to working across the aisle in the Senate to help move America forward."