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(Washington, D.C.) – Today, U.S. Senator Patty Murray (D-WA) helped recognize two affordable housing properties in Seattle at the 13th Annual Charles L. Edson Tax Credit Excellence Awards. The awards, which are sponsored by the Affordable Housing Tax Credit Coalition, honor the best and brightest in Housing Credit development. This year, out of 48 entries in 28 states, two Seattle properties were selected as honorable mention winners. The Seattle low-income housing properties honored today are Genesee Apartments in South Seattle and the Broadway Crossing building, which is at the intersection of the Pike/Pine neighborhood and Broadway's business district.

"I am so pleased to help honor these properties that are providing affordable living, innovative support services, and economic hope to Seattle residents," said Senator Murray. "This recognition honors these properties' leadership in building partnerships, using federal support, and designing with the input of the community in mind. It is affordable housing done the right way, and I hope that it can be emulated throughout Washington and across the country."
The Housing Credit program was created as part of the Tax Reform Act of 1986. It is widely regarded as the nation's most successful housing production program ever, resulting in the construction and rehabilitation of more than 1.9 million housing units for low-income Americans.  

Broadway Crossing – Metropolitan/Urban Housing – Honorable Mention

"Broadway Crossing is a powerful example of positive economic development and what can happen when a community bands together to make affordable housing a reality in their neighborhood," Senator Murray discussing Broadway Crossing.
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Broadway Crossing sits at the intersection of the Pike/Pine neighborhood and Broadway's business district. The site that Broadway Crossing is on was originally intended to house a single story Walgreen's. However, because of the involvement of community members, the focus changed to a mixed-use building that provides affordable housing. The public Design Review meeting to consider this building had more community participants than any other Design Review meeting in the last 10 years. Walgreen's chose to support the community plan and partnered with the community-based non-profit housing group Capitol Hill Housing to make it a reality.   

This project now serves as a role model to similar efforts in adjacent neighborhoods. Broadway Crossing is environmentally friendly, incorporates elements of the community in its architecture, features local art work, is accessible to public transportation and has a stunning view of downtown Seattle. With the help of the Gates foundation it is also home to residents transitioning from homelessness. Broadway Crossing is a shining example of how a grassroots community effort can utilize the Affordable Housing Tax Credit and private investment. 

The Genesee Apartments – Special Needs Housing – Honorable Mention
"The Genesee Apartments offer some of Seattle's most vulnerable residents much more than a roof over their heads. It offers them the opportunity to live an independent lifestyle while knowing that support services ranging from mental health counseling to job training are always within reach," Senator Murray discussing The Genesee Apartments.
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The Genesee Apartments are located in the 4400 block of Martin Luther King South in the Seattle Housing Authority's Rainer Vista Hope VI redevelopment. The Genesee Apartments are mixed-use, and roughly half of the two building complex's units are dedicated to those with special needs. These units accommodate people with both developmental and physical disabilities with a focus on households living with HIV/AIDS. Like Broadway Crossing, the Genesee Apartments also serve families transitioning from homelessness with the help of the Gates Foundation.

The supportive services available at the Genesee Apartment include health maintenance, mental health counseling, financial management, education resources, and job training. Genesee is very accessible to public transit. It has two bus lines that that pass through the intersection and is located on the new Sound Transit line. The buildings design and layout were created with input from potential residents, neighbors, a community advisory group, a Universal Design consultant, and the City of Seattle's Neighborhood Design Review board. The project was funded by a capital campaign and funding from the City, County, and State, HUD Section 811 and Low-Income Tax Credit funding.

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