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Statement of U.S. Senator Patty Murray on Passage of Emergency Supplemental Bill, Joint Resolution

Sep 14 2001

Senate spoke with "unanimous voice" to protect, heal nation

Today, with a unanimous voice, the U.S. Senate voted to respond aggressively to the terrorist attacks that shook our nation on Tuesday, September 11. The Senate passed a $40 billion emergency supplemental appropriations bill and a Joint Resolution authorizing the use of our Armed Forces to bring those responsible for these recent attacks to justice.

This unanimous vote also signals our unyielding support for the men and women who serve our country – from our local police and fire departments to the sailors, airmen, and soldiers who may be called upon to respond to this attack.

Our nation has suffered a great tragedy. We have all been affected by the pictures and stories, and thousands of our citizens and their families have suffered the most tragic of losses. Our entire nation has been touched by this week's events.

Today's congressional action is intended to bring our country together, solidify our resolve and begin to rebuild shattered communities. This action will help enhance security and take the necessary steps to hold the perpetrators of these terrible acts accountable.

Our nation has been tested before. Each time we have survived and grown stronger. Those who would attempt to shake our resolve should know that we will stand together and once again emerge strong. Today's action by the U.S. Senate is a reflection of this determination and of the spirit of our citizens to defend our freedom, heal our communities, and ensure that justice prevails.