Murray Announces $13.1 million for Coast Guard Pier

Oct 08 2002

Funding will enhance readiness, repair structural damage

(WASHINGTON, D.C.) – The $13.1 million Sen. Patty Murray (D-Wash.) secured for the Coast Guard pier in Seattle is on its way, Murray announced Tuesday. The funding will enhance the readiness and mission capabilities of the Coast Guard by allowing the resumption of operational and support functions at the Coast Guard's Integrated Support Command facility located at the Coast Guard's Pier 36.

The funding will also support the construction of a new notched, concrete pier to replace the existing, but deteriorating, timber pier and to repair structural damage sustained during the Nisqually Earthquake in February 2001.

"Since September 11th, the Coast Guard has been called upon to protect our coastline and defend our ports against a new range of threats," Murray said. "This funding will enable the men and women of the Coast Guard to carry out their dangerous and vital mission more efficiently and effectively."

The new 29,100 square foot pier will restore waterfront readiness by enabling heavy trucks and cranes to drive onto the pier to repair and re-provision the cutters. It will also allow improved vessel movement of larger Coast Guard vessels, like polar icebreakers, in and out of the facility.

Murray secured $10 million in the Fiscal Year 2002 Transportation Appropriations bill, and $3.1 million in the FY 2002 Supplemental Appropriations bill for the project.