Tonight the President spoke about the challenge we now face as a nation. This Congress and our country stand behind the President in the effort to combat terrorism and to hold accountable the perpetrators of last week's terrible acts.

These attacks were meant to divide us, but what they've done is bring us closer together. From the heroes in New York and Washington, DC to a fifth grade class in Lynnwood, Washington that is holding a bake sale to benefit the Red Cross, last week's tragedy has brought out the best in America. As a country, we are united as never before.

Throughout Washington state and across this country, thousands of men and women in uniform stand ready to take action against terrorism. Our pride and confidence in our armed forces who will be asked to respond is absolute.

In this new battle, there won't be a quick victory. It will take a sustained effort over an extended period. We will hold onto the sense of unity of the past week and fight for the values that make America great.

We will meet this challenge and remain the beacon of freedom for all the world.