“President Obama stated clearly tonight what American families and businesses know all too well, our current health care system is simply unsustainable. 

“And while health care rhetoric and political posturing have been on the rise, costs have too.   In fact, the largest private insurer in Washington state raised premiums by seventeen percent last month.   It’s clear that doing nothing will solve nothing.   

“The reform we are working towards will provide stability and choice to families and businesses.  It will mean lower costs, stable and portable coverage and the promise that if you get sick, have a pre-existing condition or lose your job, you will not lose your health care.  Health care decisions will be put back in the hands of patients and their doctors.  And I support the President’s vision of a public plan. 

“We still have a lot of work to do.  This is a long and complicated process, but it is critical that we get it right.   The status quo is the most expensive option.  I look forward to working with the President and our colleagues on both sides of the aisle to pass meaningful reform that will lower costs, increase choice and provide stability to America’s families and businesses this year.”